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Spring Shackles, Bolts and Bushings
Mopar cars and trucks used threaded bolts and bushings for many years. This means bushings and pins must be replaced together. These early shackles, referred to as 'Silent U' shackles, come with bushings as pictured above.
Silent U' shackles w/ 4" spacing, used on 30's through 40's cars and through the 50's on pickups $24.60 ea.
Other types of 'Silent U' shackles $38.00 to $48.00 ea.
All rubber bushing type shackles $26.90 ea.
Rubber shackle bushings $2.85 ea.
Bolts And Bushings
Metal threaded bushings $12.90 ea.
Metal clad rubber bushings, use on most $16.85 ea.
Threaded bolts, 1934 and newer $14.95 ea.
Call on 1933 and older bolts and bushings