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Window Regulators
With these NOS window regulators your windows will glide up and down like the day the car was driven off the show room floor.  
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Lower Glass Channels
This is the channel that grips the glass at the bottom. Water seeps in between the glass and the channel, rusting it out. If you look down on the channel and see it bulging anywhere, this is what's happening. We have a huge selection of these lower channels in stock.  
1935-49 cars and trucks Call for price
Rebuilding service with new channel for all non-chrome types Call for details
Vent Window Division Bars
Mount on the front edge of the door windows and provide a seal for the vent windows when they are closed. NOS, stainless steel.  
1937-42 all cars, right only $48.00
1946-48 all cars, left or right $48.00 ea.
Rubber Seals And Gaskets
Now available at Vintage - a good line of rubber glass, door, vent, and other seals. If you don't see the one you need, call. We couldn't list them all.  
Windshield Gaskets
1930-38 crankout windshield cars $59.95
1939-47 trucks including to Power Wagon up to 1966 (crank-out windshield) $59.95
1948-56 trucks $64.75
1957-71 trucks $89.00
1938-48 most passenger models $74.70
1949-56 most passenger w/ or w/o chrome $74.70