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1930-36 all SL-6 $18.95
1937 all SL-24 $18.95
1938-52 except 1946 SL-25 $14.95
1946 all SL-27 $16.95
1953-54 all SL-28 $14.95
1955-early 1961 all SL-29 $14.95
CHRYSLER Part Number Price
1926-36 most SL-6 $18.95
1937 Royal & Imperial SL-24 $18.95
1937-52 except 1946-48 SL-25 $14.95
1946-48 all SL-27 $16.95
1953-54 all SL-28 $14.95
1955-early 1961 all SL-29 $14.95
1962 and newer   Call for price
Ignition Switches Back to Top
Early ignition switches had a conduit running directly from the switch to the coil as an anti-theft measure. Later switches were more conventional. Ignition switches come without a key cylinder, so you can use your old one to match your doors. If not, we have new cylinders with keys.
1933-41 any passenger model (conduit type)


1949-57 Plymouth
1949-58 Dodge
1939-57 Chrysler
1949-57 DeSoto



Lock cylinder & keys for above




Call for price

Dimmer Switch Back to Top
New dimmer switches are in stock for all models  
1935-56 all $14.75 ea.
1957 & newer $12.75 ea.
Power Top Switch Back to Top
New top switch for all 1955 Mopar convertibles A rare switch that fits only one year.  
New top switch $62.98
Headlight Switches Back to Top
Original and identical replacement headlight switches. Reuse your old knob or knob/shaft.
1937 all passenger (early) $71.50
1937 (late)-1940 all passenger $89.50
1941-48 all passenger $89.50
1949-54 most passenger (round) $94.50
1955 Dodge & DeSoto $134.50
1961-66 most passenger $69.50
1967-74 Call for price
Other Switches Back to Top
Lots of switches too! Vacuum and electric wiper, universal fog, heater & defrost, overdrive kickdown, etc. Too many to list here. Call for the ones you need.
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