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Differential Gears and Pinions
Quite often the differential gears (often called "side gears") or the pinion gears (often called "spider gears") will wear, break, or pit from age. We have most of these in stock, 1933-55. Call for prices.
Pinion Seals
Fits in the front of the differential and is usually the problem when drips of differential grease appear on the garage floor.  
1928-32 Plymouth 4 cyl, mounts with 6 bolts $94.50
1936-69 most Mopar car and truck, press-in type, 5851, 7216 $29.60
Truck, 7 passenger & others Call for price
Other Differential Parts
Axle seals, bearings, gaskets, etc. We have lots of other new differential parts in stock. Ask about good used differential assemblies also.