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Carburetors And Kits
Below are listed some examples. We have in stock lots of other new and rebuilt one and two barrel carburetors and kits for virtually any carburetor. Call us with your application. Numbers from your carburetor will help.
Carburetors Price Core
See our carburetor section for NOS and rebuilt!
Kits Part Number Price
Any BB-1 Carter Updraft   $49.75
Any 1933-54 Carter for Plymouth   $39.85
Plymouth 1956-57 WCFB Carter 178CX $62.75
Plymouth 1966-71 426 cid dual quad A367 $59.75 ea.
Dodge 1942-47 Fluid Drive Stromberg BXVD-3 S1216 $89.50
Dodge 1955-56 6 cyl Stromberg WW S1234 $59.95
Dodge 1956 V-8 Stromberg WW S1237 $59.95
Chrysler 1935-36 Stromberg EX-32 S-1073-4 $112.50
Chrysler 1936 Stromberg EE-22 S-1075 $112.50
Chrysler 1938 8 cyl Stromberg AAV-2 S1119 $112.50
Chrysler 1939 6 cyl Carter BB C1088 $54.80
Chrysler & DeSoto 6 cyl 1946-48 with Fluid Drive, Carter BB C1187 $49.55
Chrysler 1957-67 Carter AFB 4 bbl A224 $64.95