Thermostats, Water Outlets and Hose Clamps
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1929-32, models w/ head relief for thermostat $32.50
1933-67, all others (except Corvair) $18.95
Thermostat Kit

Special kit for installing a thermostat in 1929-32 if your head is not relieved for one already. A special cast iron housing that fits between the outlet and the head. Kit includes: Housing, bolts and thermostat.
Water Outlets
Be sure you don’t over tighten the two mounting bolts on your outlet. This can break the cast iron mounting ears. We have new oultets in stock. All water outlets are original cast iron.

1929-36, all 6 cylinder $28.00
1937-54, all 6 cylinder $19.50
1955-56, 6 cylinder $19.50
1959-62, 6 cylinder $19.50
1955-65, all V-8’s $14.95
Hose Clamps
One of the most noticeable elements of your engine compartment are hose clamps. Modern stainless adjustable clamps just don’t look good in a classic vehicle. Original double wire type clamps are available in most sizes. Note that heater hose clamps are double strap instead of wire. Please give us the outside diameter of hose when ordering.

Any size $2.00 each
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