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Lower Shock Bracket
For most 1949-59 passenger cars, it mounts in the lower control arm with one bolt and takes all the load of the lower shock mount.
New bracket $29.50
Shock Links
These connect the rear lever shock arms to the frame.
1938 and older   Call for price
1939-41, all 18009 $24.95 each
1942-48, all 18008 $24.60 each
Knee Action Radius Arm Kits
Crucial supporting arm on the suspension for 1934-38 Chevrolet with knee action. Complete kit has arm, brackets and all attaching parts. One kit will do one side.
1934-35, Complete kit $165.00
1936-38, Complete kit, specify right or left $185.00
Knee Action Radius Rod Bushing
On 1934-38 Masters this is the special flanged bushing that fits on the spindle where the backing plate rotates as the suspension moves up and down. You will likely need this even if the rest of your radius rod parts are in satisfactory condition.
1934-38 $23.95 ea
Knee Action Anti-Rattle Springs
1934-38 “knee-action” models will make a rattling noise every time you step on the brakes if there is the slightest amount of wear in the front radius rod parts. Easy to install kit holds these parts in a tension so they cannot vibrate or chatter when the brakes are applied.
1934-38 $28.75 pair