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Window Regulator Repair Kits
If your regulators don’t work satisfactorily, chances are that the pot metal pinion gear is stripped or broken. This kit comes with a new pinion gear which is made of steel, an improved type of clutch spring, instructions, and rivets for reassembly.  
1930-40, trucks 5-tooth pinion gear - 993 $29.50
1930-40, trucks 6-tooth pinion gear - 993A $29.50
1939-40, all passenger - 992 $29.50
Door Glass Channel
This is the steel piece that grips the bottom of the glass and connects to the roll up mechanism. They are very prone to rusting out. One size supplied, trim ends to match old one.
Door glass channel $29.95 ea
Glove Box Locks
Original 1938, includes key and retainer $49.75
Original style for 1939, includes keys and retainer $19.50
Replacement economy lock for 1940-57 cars. No push button, you use the key to open. $9.95
Trunk Lid Hinges
Not only do original hinges pit and become unsightly, but fatigue and become brittle as well. Bright shiney chrome replacements are the answer.
1935 - H3 Not In Stock
1937-41 - H2 $89.50 pair
Hinge Pins
Loose hinge pins (especially in GM-Fisher bodies which have lots of wood in them) allow the doors to sag, making them hard to close. Usually most of the wear occurs on the pin; however, in cases where the hinge pin is also worn, we can supply pins which are .010" oversize in diameter. Then you usually have to ream the hole for an exact fit.
1929-31, all models except 1931 upper hinge, 11/32" dia., 1-13/16" long shank; #855 $3.80
1931, upper hinge all models, 11/32" diameter, 1-1/4" long shank; #854 $3.80
1932, all models exc. lower front and convert., 11/32" dia., 1-13/16" long shank; #855 $3.80
1933-34, all rear hinges on all models, 11/32" dia., 1-13/16" long shank; #855 $3.80
1932-40, most models except those listed under #855, 11/32" diameter, 4" long shank (file off excess and cut to length); #857-1094 $4.75
Bumper Bolts
Original style, with stainless steel cap. All have round head with coarse threads.
BB101, 7/16 x 1" $2.35
BB102, 7/16 x 1-1/2" $2.65
BB103, 7/16 x 1-3/4" $2.65
BB104, 1/2 x 1-3/8" $3.45
BB105, 1/2 x 2-3/4" $5.20
Battery Box
Fits 1940-48 Chevrolet car. Comes with the mounting nuts and bolts. It is almost impossible to find a good used one.
1940-48 Battery box $28.75