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King Pin Sets
Worn king pins (sometimes called “spindle bolts“) will cause road wander, shimmy and hard steering. Our complete sets come with all pins, bushings bearings, shims and locks. One set will service both front wheels. Call for oversized diameter king pin sets (for use when your axle eye has been distorted). Call on any truck king pin set, 1929-70 also!
1916-22, model 490   K-613 $122.95
w/ oversize pin for worn axles either .005" or .010"   $99.20
1933-35, Standard   K-24 $84.95
1934-38, Master w/ knee action   K-31 $89.95
1936, Standard   K-38 $89.95
1937-40, w/ straight axle   K-65 $89.95
Knuckle Supports
These fit between the upper and lower control arm and support your king pin and spindle. The threaded bushings or king pin may enlarge their mounting holes making it impossible to align your car properly. These are brand new supports from the old days.
1939-48, all 626 left $125.00
627 right $125.00