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Headlight Relays
Headlight relays increase light output of headlight bulbs from 30% to 90% without using additional current. Headlight relays eliminate current losses that are caused by long wiring in the original circuit by sending current directly from the battery to the headlight. In addition, the current flows through low resistance points instead of the higher resistance contacts of the lighting and dimmer switches. Includes fuses for additional protection.

6 volt headlight relay $34.95
NOS headlight reflectors
Replace your old age-split reflectors! These are NOS and need careful polishing with a mild silver cream to make them sparkle like new again!

1932-33, all & 1933-35, Standard 2 bulb $48.50
Headlight Lenses
We can supply most flat 1926-31and convex 1932-39 headlight lenses for Chevrolet cars and trucks. Call with your year and model for price and be sure to give us the brand name of the one you are trying to match.

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