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Inside Handles
Replacement handles from the old days. Very close to original. Very nice.
1934-37, car door opener IH115 - $19.50
window crank Out Of Stock
1938-48, car door opener IH116 - $19.50
window crank IH133 - $19.50
1947-66, trucks window crank $16.50
1949-65, car window crank $12.95
vent crank $12.95
NORS Trunk Handles
Beautiful replacement trunk handles with keys.
1935-40 models with two inside latches, located on each side DH200


1940 models with one inside latch located in center DH201 $69.95
1941, all DH202 Not In Stock
1942-48, all except Aerosedan DH203 Not In Stock
1942-48, Aerosedan DH204 $69.95
Escutcheon Plates
Very nice replacement escutcheon plates in that old maroon color plastic.
1934-37 (small hole) $4.25
1938-48 (large hole) $4.25