Clutch Throwout Bearings, Forks and Related Parts
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When replacing your disc and cover we recommend a new throwout/release bearing. While you’re there, make sure your linkage, fork and pivots are in good shape and not distorted or bent. If questionable we suggest that you replace them. No 1955-57 clutch linkage.
Throwout Bearings Part # Price
1929-37, all models carbon type assembly   $69.50
1929-31, New collar only 835775 $34.75
1938-65, most, your choice   $29.50
Clutch Cover Thrust Pads
  Part # Price
1927-31 all models 346809 $45.00
1932-33 all models (except 1933 Standard) 836632 $39.95
1933-34 Standard 473677 $49.50
1934-37 all models (except 1934 Standard) 837477 $44.50
Fork Kits
Includes a new fork and all mounting hardware. Throwout bearings sold separately.


1931-33, all ST552 $65.00
1934, Master ST553 $65.00
1938-39, all models ST593 $62.80
 Clutch Fork Small Parts Kits
1934, “Master” model only C200X $28.75
State model when ordering    
Clutch Linkage Kit
This is one of the most ignored yet critical parts of your car! Kit comes with instructions and is simple to install. Gets rid of that annoying slack in the clutch pedal linkage.

  Part # Price
1937-39, all passenger models 1301 $39.50
1940, all passenger models 1302 $39.50
1941-48, convertible models only 1303 $39.50
1941-48, all passenger except conv. 1304 $39.50
Clutch Anti-Chatter Rods
Here is another one of those old-time accessories that really work. Eliminates clutch chatter that occurs in low and reverse speeds. Consists of 2 tie rod bolts, 4 hooks and necessary rubber bushings, nuts and lockwashers for complete assembly.

  Part # Price
1937-49, all except covertible 578 $55.00
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